Integrity Mold Inspection of Palm Beach County

When you hire Integrity Mold Inspection for a:

    • Odor investigation

    • Mold investigation

    • Moisture or mold assessment for insurance claims

    • Rooms that have a nuisance odor or that may be triggering your allergy symptoms

You will receive direct feedback about the investigation from Integrity Mold Inspection! Sheri, Beau, or  Gary will be available for questions and concerns you may have regarding your mold, moisture, or odor issue that has been reported.

Have you ever told someone you smell an odor in a home or building? And then, your feedback is: “I don’t smell anything, it smells fine to me” or “ I am really allergic to mold and I have spent hours in this house, it's fine in here” or “that’s just a Florida smell”.

Our experience at Integrity Mold Inspection is if you smell something—it’s a real odor. We believe you! We have discovered odor sources where even we couldn’t detect the odor upon entering the home. For example, a woman was distraught because friends and family members couldn’t smell an odor that was bothering her. After a thorough investigation we found mold sources that were causing the odor. The woman was so relieved with our discovery she told us: “I was beginning to think I was crazy”. 

We have found that people, in general, have different abilities regarding the sense of smell. The point is if you smell something, we believe it’s real and we will find the issue. Also, we will provide a plan to correct the problem.

We understand that mold issues are intimidating and can be very stressful for homeowners. That is why we stay involved throughout the entire process.  When a building or home becomes water damaged or flooded, it is very important that the building is dried as quickly as possible. It is very important to remove mold and identify the cause of the water issue.  If your home is flooded you have only 24 to 48 hours to dry the home or building before mold can begin growing.

Integrity Mold Inspection is designed to service customer needs.  We stand behind the name ‘Integrity’, which we practice and believe. To learn more on how to enhance the quality of your indoor environment, please see our mold inspection information page!

For advice, inquiries, questions, or concerns—please Contact Integrity Mold Inspection today! We look forward to servicing you!

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