Beau Rose, Mold Assessment Technician

Beau is the proud father of 4 children that came to IMI after serving 8 years in the US Military as a Navy Seabee. Although he was in the Navy, he never served on a ship as most would think. Instead, he served with ground troops in the Construction Battalions. His specialized training was in Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. During his service, he worked on construction projects in the U.S. and Afghanistan. Also, he led construction crews in Japan and South Korea. In 2013, he signed on for a second tour of duty at the top of Mount Fuji in Japan. Beau joined IMI in September of 2016. Since that time, he has been involved in mold sampling, visual inspection, moisture mapping, and report writing over 2000 supervised projects.  Also, he assisted with a 225 unit and 400 unit project! This is more experience than many mold assessors who have worked in the mold industry for years. In addition, Beau is in a Veterans GI Bill training program to become a Licensed Mold Assessor with Integrity Mold Inspection Inc,  which has been approved by the United States Military and the State of Florida.

Sheri Rose, Owner

Sheri co-founded Integrity Mold Inspection Inc (IMI) in November, 2009. Prior to this time, Sheri co-founded a pilot company in Michigan for the purpose of training to qualify Gary as a Mold Assessor in the State Florida. Prior to Sheri’s dedicated research to the Mold Industry, she was a Pharmaceutical representative and trainer for a major Pharmaceutical company in the field of allergy eyes, nose, and throat pharmaceuticals. Sheri is the owner of Integrity Mold Inspection Inc. and has been directly involved with the mold assessment process. To date she has been involved in mold sampling, sampling analysis, report writing, and customer service of over 6000 supervised projects. Sheri is dedicated to quality customer service. Her ultimate passion is to be honest about mold and to help clients deal with this issue the best possible way. This is why she named her company Integrity Mold Inspection Inc.

Gary Rose, President

Gary has been with IMI since its date of inception. Prior to working and doing extensive research in the Mold Industry, Gary was a trainer and technical writer for a major corporation. During his last 5 years in the corporate world, he trained Assemblers, Skilled Tradesmen, and Managers Work Order Data Management for Preventive Maintenance of Building Maintenance and Equipment. Gary authored custom manuals to enhance training depending on the employees roll in the planed maintenance process. Gary’s qualification’s in the mold industry encompass over 6000 mold assessments, thousands of successful remediation plans, and evaluated over 15,000 mold samplings. Also, Gary has:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology

  • Master in Professional and Technical Communication Degree

  • Certified Indoor Environmentalist

  • Licensed Mold Assessor with the state of Florida.