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Speak with Integrity Mold Inspection’s mold experts to book a mold and moisture inspection that either works with your schedule, or arrange to provide access to the property. Sometimes, a professional dry-out is necessary before remediation occurs. The reason for this is so that mold doesn’t germinate or to minimize mold from spreading. It is typical that some mold is present after a professional dry-out. If this is the case, a plan would be developed and some mold remediation would still be necessary. The moisture issue must be resolved in order to begin a dry-out. If the moisture issue is unknown typically we can find it! If not, we can guide you to what you should do.
Mold Inspection
We perform the mold assessment, which includes strategic mold sampling, moisture mapping, visual documentation of active or old moisture, scientific analysis, and a plan of what is necessary to bring the space back to a normal living environment. Within the next business afternoon or early evening of the inspection, we will deliver to you a detailed remediation plan based on our findings. We will also provide a verbal guidance of what action should be taken immediately (if needed). Understand that the report we deliver is a legal document. It is important that it is crafted to aid you to help accomplish your goals. For example, a weak mold report could cause an insurance claim to fail. It is important to understand that insurance companies make money by not paying insurance claims.
Mold Remediation
The Integrity Mold Inspection team will provide a mold clean-up plan (protocol) and refer or confirm that you have a reputable mold remediation company (located in your area) to remove the mold and moisture damage.
Post Remediation Verification (Clearance Test)
We will verify that the mold issue has been resolved. This inspection is performed before your rebuild process begins and will document that the remediated areas are a normal living environment. This is done by mold testing and a visual inspection. If the mold sampling results are elevated or visual mold is present, then more work would be needed. Typically, reputable mold Remediation companies get it right the first time.

What I need to know before the IMI Mold Assessor Inspects My Home?

Do not vacuum 2 days before the inspection, unless the vacuum system is central that exhaust outside or is HEPA filtered.
Do not air the living space out or have open windows. We want to test the home as it is lived in. Open windows would simply test out door air.
Do not turn the heat on prior to arrival. If the heat has been on for several days that’s OK.
Make sure that we have access to the property, if your not going to be there.
Tell the Mold Assessor your concerns or things you have discovered before the inspection begins.
Resist talking to the Mold Assessor during the inspection. It is in your best interest that they are not distracted.

Integrity Mold Inspection of Palm Beach County

Integrity Mold Inspection is a a company that only performs mold inspections (assessments) and mold protocol. Below are some examples projects that our highly qualified mold assessors have been involved in:

  • Mold protocol for insurance claims.
  • Real estate mold inspection for sale or purchase.
  • Multi million dollar home assessments throughout palm beach county.
  • Commercial kitchen and restaurant assessments.
  • Entire high rise assessments from hurricane damages.
  • Commercial and industrial office assessments.
  • Private practices for Dental, General Practice, Dermatology etc. assessments.
  • Expert witness depositions.
  • Consulting general contractors.
  • High end 400 unit assisted living mold assessments.
  • Elementary school classroom mold assessments.
  • University & Church classroom assessments.
  • Large clubhouse assessments for multi million dollar community.
  • High-end golf club clubhouse assessments.
Licensed Mold Assessor (Florida)

Beau Rose

Beau joined IMI in September of 2016. Since that time, he has been involved in mold sampling, visual inspection, moisture mapping, over 10,000 sampling analysis, and report writing of over 4,500 projects.

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Sheri Rose

Sheri has been involved in mold sampling, over 22,000 sampling analysis, moisture mapping, report writing, and customer service of over 7500 supervised projects.

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Gary Rose

Gary’s qualification’s in the mold industry encompass over 7,500 mold assessments, thousands of successful remediation plans, and evaluations of over 22,000 mold samplings.

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Mold Investigations

Integrity Mold Inspection’s goal is to help people with their indoor environment, so that mold can be corrected as well as prevented in the future.

Moisture or Mold Assessments

If your home is flooded you have only 24 to 48 hours to dry the home or building before mold can begin growing.

Odor Investigations

Have you ever told someone you smell an odor in a home or building? Our experience at Integrity Mold Inspection is if you smell something—it’s a real odor.

Professional Dry-out

If your home has been impacted by moisture intrusion/ flooding, you have only 24 to 48 hours to dry the building’s impacted areas before mold can begin growing.This is difficult to do with out having a professional Mold Remediation company strategically setting up commercial dehumidification and possibly other dry-out equipment.

Moisture Sources Causing Mold

Sometimes there are obvious moisture sources such as a roof leak, window leak, or plumbing leak. Sometimes people make the mistake of not setting their thermostat correctly, which is “cool and auto”. If the AC is set at “cool and on”, then the AC won’t dehumidify the living space. As a result, the humidity elevates in the building and mold can grow on surfaces throughout. Another cause for mold is condensation. In this case, it is not always as obvious of why this is occurring. Typically, condensation occurring in a home occurs from lack of insulation. Where hot air is heating a surface that is also being cooled.

Expert Witness Service

Integrity Mold Inspections is qualified to provide expert witness services regarding moisture and mold issues in the State of Florida.

Our Goal at Integrity Mold Inspection

Integrity Mold Inspection’s goal is to help people with their indoor environment, so that mold can be corrected as well as prevented in the future. When a building is impacted by moisture intrusion and mold, it is typically a very stressful advent for the occupants. Most people don’t have this experience in there back-ground. It is important not to be afraid because you will have to make some quick decisions that are very important for a successful clean-up. We can help guide you through this process. Our goal is that it is done right and that you can move on with your life with full peace of mind! In addition to reporting competent remediation plans to correct mold, odor, and moisture issues at hand, Integrity Mold Inspection wants to help you learn some preventive measures. So, you don’t have to worry that mold may return after remediation is complete. It is vital that the cause of the mold is determined and the cause is corrected! It is important to understand that if mold had occurred, there had to be a moisture source associated with creating the mold!

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Over 7,500 Mold Assessment Reports...

Kathryn D.
Mold Inspection
August, 2022

Integrity Mold Inspection lives up to their name. They are professional, efficient and responsive. They were so easy to work with! Finding mold in your house is a horrible feeling. Dealing with the removal is even worse. Working with Integrity was the easiest part!

Highlights: Professionalism, Quality, Value, & Responsiveness

David S.
Mold Inspection
May, 2021

Thoroughly and professionally performed mold inspections in two different rooms of our home.

Highlights: Professionalism & Responsiveness

Tom V.
Mold Sampling
November, 2021

The inspector (Beau) was punctual, polite and patient. He explained everything he was doing and why. We found him very professional, and very thorough during the process. Although the results of his inspection were not good news for us to hear, we felt that we were in very capable hands.

Highlights: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, & Responsiveness

We deliver 24 hour mold inspection results.

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