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At IMI we know that it is important to achieve the highest quality inspection at each and every mold investigation. We will author a mold assessment report that will show findings which include digital photography with written observations, laboratory results with interpretations, recommendations for remediation, and what caused the mold and/or the source of the moisture problem. Ultimately, the report is an investment document that helps you leverage: a settlement with insurance companies, purchase of real estate, or to give you peace of mind since you will now understand the issue and how to resolve it. We have two Licensed Mold Assessors with the state of Florida and our owner Gary is also a Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist by The American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). At Integrity Mold Inspection, we are highly skilled mold and moisture investigators who know how to assess mold and moisture issues and prepare a mold remediation plan that will begin to restore your home and lifestyle. At Integrity Mold Inspection, we understand that mold is stressful to live with and it requires a swift response.

When you hire Integrity Mold Inspection for a:

  • Odor investigation
  • Mold investigation
  • Moisture or mold assessment for insurance claims
  • Rooms that have a nuisance odor or that may be triggering your allergy symptoms

You will receive direct feedback about the investigation from Integrity Mold Inspection! Sheri, Beau, or Gary will be available for questions and concerns you may have regarding your mold, moisture, or odor issue that has been reported.

Have you ever told someone you smell an odor in a home or building? And then, your feedback is: “I don’t smell anything, it smells fine to me” or “ I am really allergic to mold and I have spent hours in this house, it's fine in here” or “that’s just a Florida smell”.

Our experience at Integrity Mold Inspection is if you smell something—it’s a real odor. We believe you! We have discovered odor sources where even we couldn’t detect the odor upon entering the home. For example, a woman was distraught because friends and family members couldn’t smell an odor that was bothering her. After a thorough investigation we found mold sources that were causing the odor. The woman was so relieved with our discovery she told us: “I was beginning to think I was crazy”. 

We have found that people, in general, have different abilities regarding the sense of smell. The point is if you smell something, we believe it’s real and we will find the issue. Also, we will provide a plan to correct the problem.

We understand that mold issues are intimidating and can be very stressful for homeowners. That is why we stay involved throughout the entire process. When a building or home becomes water damaged or flooded, it is very important that the building is dried as quickly as possible. It is very important to remove mold and identify the cause of the water issue. If your home is flooded you have only 24 to 48 hours to dry the home or building before mold can begin growing.

Integrity Mold Inspection is designed to service customer needs. We stand behind the name ‘Integrity’, which we practice and believe.

Our Goal

Integrity Mold Inspection’s goal is to help people with their indoor environment, so that mold can be corrected as well as prevented. In addition to reporting competent remediation plans to correct mold, odor, and moisture issues at hand, Integrity Mold Inspection wants to help people learn some preventive measures so they don’t have to worry that mold may return after remediation.

We are happy to provide advice that will help enhance your indoor environment with healthier air so your home doesn’t provide a haven for mold to grow, dust mites to flourish, or odors to evolve.

Our Guide to Healthier Indoor Air

  • Try to maintain indoor relative humidity at or below 50%—This doesn’t mean turn the thermostat to a very cool indoor temperature. Your air conditioner should run often in order to dehumidify your home. On your thermostat, make sure the fan is set to AUTO.
  • Keep indoor temperature at about 76 degrees—Very cool temperature settings can cause a surface to reach temperature that is much cooler than an adjacent surface that is being warmed by a source of heat such as sunlight or attic air. When temperatures are set where hot air meets cold air, condensation will occur, which could promote mold growth.
  • Leave your indoor temperature set at about 76 degrees even if your home or condo is vacant—Not running your air conditioning in southern states cause conditions where relative humidity becomes similar to outdoors. This can cause periods where indoor relative humidity is above 70%. This condition is favorable for mold to grow on furniture and building materials. In addition, when the air conditioning isn’t running regularly, air isn’t moving through the ductwork and indoor environment. This causes air to become stagnate because outdoor air isn’t being drawn into the return duct and mixed with conditioned indoor air. Although most people are attempting to be conservative and not be wasteful, this can be a very costly mistake when mold has begun growing on building surfaces and furniture.
  • HEPA vacuum during routine cleaning—Vacuuming with vacuums that do not have HEPA filtration will exhaust dust mite feces and mold spores into your home’s indoor air. If you hire cleaning services, always check to make sure that their vacuums have HEPA filtration and that they change their filters regularly.
  • Change your return air filters regularly—If return filters get too loaded with dust, return air becomes restricted to your air-handler. Regularly changing return filters helps keep your home’s air clean. Use a quality air return filter that is sized right for your air return vent frame.
  • If you discover mold—Always get a mold inspection by a Licensed Mold Assessor before hiring a contractor to fix mold issues. The mold assessment gives you a plan of scientific evidence to show insurance adjusters, your insurance company, and a plan to give to a mold remediator.
  • If you have a known moisture leak, hire a professional to find the source or sources of the moisture issue and have the problem fixed promptly—If moisture intrusion occurs in your home mold can begin to grow within 48 hours. It is very important to fix moisture issues! If you are not sure where the moisture is coming from hire a Licensed Mold Assessor to investigate the origin of the moisture source. A Licensed Mold Assessor is specially trained in water intrusion and should have technology to measure or find moisture sources.

We deliver 24 hour mold inspection results.

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