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Proper Mold Removing Procedure for the State of Florida

Proper mold removal in Florida begins with a mold inspection performed by a licensed mold assessor. Integrity Mold Inspection of Palm Beach Gardens are competent and experienced mold assessors who are licensed in the state of Florida to inspect your home or building for mold and deliver a detailed mold report in less than 24 hours of the inspection time. We will then refer you to a mold remediation expert who we trust and has many years of experience in remediating mold successfully. Here are the steps you should take if you have discovered mold in your home or you suspect there may be a mold issue:

Step 1 - Hire a mold assessor to perform a mold inspection

Whether you think you have mold in your home or you/family member is experience allergy related symptoms and you think the cause could be mold in your home, it is required by the state of Florida to hire a mold assessor before a mold remediation company performs any work. Our mold report that we deliver to you after the mold inspection will act as a mold remediation plan for the mold remediation company to follow. Not only will Integrity Mold search for mold, we will also search for any active moisture sources or water leaks that could be the reason for causing an elevation in mold in your home. We use moisture mapping devices and infrared photography to discover these types of issues that may be present in your home. This information will be depicted in the mold report that we will deliver to you after our detailed mold inspection is performed.

Step 2 - Hire a professional mold remediation company to remove mold from your home

After Integrity Mold Inspection determines if your home or building has a mold issue and/or an active moisture issue that needs to be corrected, we will refer you to a mold remediation company to safely remove mold or from your home or building (a.k.a. Mold Remediation).

Step 3 - Post Remediation Verification (a.k.a Mold Clearance Testing)

After the experienced mold remediation company safely removes the mold from your home or building, it essential for Integrity Mold to perform an additional inspection to insure the mold remediation is a success and the fungal ecology in your home has returned to normal spore counts. Please understand this inspection is an additional fee independent from the initial mold inspection fee.

Our Mold Assessment Report Sets Us Apart from the Rest.

Our professional report is crafted for your understanding. It will contain digital photography with captions explaining what was discovered. It will contain the laboratory results with explanations. If the mold discovered does require remediation, you will be provided with a detailed remediation plan to correct the problem and we will consult with you for your understanding and concerns.

What is included in Integrity Mold Inspection’s assessment?

Moisture mapping of areas that are a moisture concern such as: Interior envelope, window areas, plumbing areas, stains, repaired drywall areas.

What is documented in the report?

  • Client contact information.
  • Address of inspected property.
  • Mold Assessor name and license number.
  • Photos of elevated moisture reading & moisture damage (if present).
  • Photos of visible mold (if present)
  • A remediation plan (if needed).
  • Laboratory results.
  • Evaluation of laboratory results.
  • Air test sampling of indoor air.
  • Swab sampling (if needed).
  • Mold type definitions.

Types of Mold Samples

  • Interstitial Sampling. This is used to air sample a specific cavity.
  • Swab samples of visible mold. This is typical practice for IMI to sample visible mold on a surface.
  • Tape lift of visible mold. This is used for surface sampling. This is not a typical practice of IMI.
  • Culture for speciation. Note this is done by request from a person that typically has been tested for mold by their Physician.

When you hire Integrity Mold Inspection for a mold assessment or a odor investigation, you will receive direct feedback about the investigation from Integrity Mold Inspection. We will be available for questions and concerns you may have.

We deliver next business afternoon or early evening mold assessments.

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